"Take your sneakers and your CV!" : an unprecedented job dating around organized sport in Longwy


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Take your sneakers and your CV!

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This is an initiative of the School of the 2nd chance of Longwy in Meurthe-et-Moselle: organize a job dating for its students on the sports fields. The objective is to desacralize the job interview and to be able to show your true personality to recruiters. #TheyHaveTheSolution

Recruit on the field… of sports. This is the idea that the managers of the 2nd chance school in Longwy had when they organized this seduction operation between its students and companies or training organizations in the region that are recruiting. Young people who have been able to face tennis, badminton or pétanque, business leaders and recruiters.

Like Anaïs Pierot, recruitment officer for a major sports store brand: “We talk more easily around a playground. We get to know them, we ask them what they want to do later, why they are there and what interests them in meeting certain companies. Everyone is more at ease, relaxed“.

For the manager ofE2C of Longwy Marie-Laure Bellora, this kind of meeting allows these young people who had dropped out of the school system to desacralize the job interview or access to training. A way to change the codes of approach and rebalance the relationship: “They need to regain their self-confidence, they need people to believe in them and they need to be valued. And some have beaten business leaders at tennis, petanque, ping-pong, and that’s very important“.

An approach which in any case greatly amused these young people. They were 200 to participate in this job dating like no other, and 42 on the recruiter side. A success, even if it is still too early to know how many of them will get a job, an internship or training following this operation.

The E2Cs welcome young people aged 16 to 25 who have been out of the school system for more than a year, without a diploma or qualification. They aim at the social, civic and professional integration of these young people who have dropped out, supported by the local missions, Pôle emploi and the associative fabric. The first was created in 1997 in Marseilles and today there are 53 Second Chance Schools in France spread over 135 sites in Metropolitan France and overseas.

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