talk show: "Anne Will": Buschmann provides a climate activist – who counters

Are the forms of protest of the last generation correct? A climate activist discussed “Anne Will” with the Federal Minister of Justice.

Has everything been said about “climate adhesive”? at “Anne Will” a round of talks met again on Sunday evening to address the form of protest. Even if the topic has been discussed a lot lately, the timing was quite good, after all, the world climate conference in Egypt ended at the same time with a moderate result.

A colorful group discussed. Also present: the climate activist Carla HinrichsJustice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP), Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens), Joachim Herrmann (CSU) and the journalist Petra Pinzler.

“Anne Will”: Climate activist justifies the protest

First of all, the appearance of Carla Hinrichs, who spokeswoman for the last generation defended their group’s actions. In doing so, she got very personal. “I respect democracy,” Hinrichs clarified. All possibilities such as demonstrations and petitions have been exhausted. However, the time window in which something can still be done about the climate crisis is closing. “We are racing into a catastrophe,” warned Hinrichs.

At the same time, the climate activist pointed out that civil disobedience has often brought about quick results. “We do not choose our protest lightly,” she said. When people are injured on the road, it’s terrible. However, it is also a task for politicians to security increase in traffic.

“Anne Will” – These guests were there:

  • Marco Buschmann (FDP)Federal Minister of Justice
  • Katrin Goering-Eckardt (B’90/The Greens)Bundestag Vice President
  • Joachim Herrmann (CSU)Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Sport and Integration
  • Carla Hinrichsspokeswoman for the group “Last Generation”
  • Petra Pinzlercorrespondent in the capital city office “Die Zeit”

Last generation at “Anne Will”: Does the end justify the means?

That was interesting too Marco Buschmann sat around. After all, the Federal Minister of Justice has repeatedly criticized the blockades and even threatened to tighten the law. “You have to abide by the law,” said the FDP politician to Hinrichs. You can’t coerce people because you have a noble motive. “The end does not justify all means.” More on the subject: “Last Generation” – What does the protest of the activists bring?

A little later, Buschmann specified his criticism, and made an important point. “If others did that too, we would have nothing but lawbreakers on the streets,” warned Buschmann, referring to Reich citizens and lateral thinkers, for example.

Both sides face each other

Thus the Minister of Justice had the approach of last generation set for the moment. The rule of law applies to everyone, including those who want to speed up political processes in the face of a general catastrophe. That made sense.

However, climate activist Hinrichs also made an important point. “Do you really have an idea? Then I’ll be there right away,” she said when pointed out that one could also proceed constructively and legally. In doing so, she again introduced Buschmann’s approach: No matter how drastic the climate crisis is forecast, no matter how clearly it is already evident – little will change, perhaps also because politicians still do not see themselves under acute pressure. also read: Climate protection – Five reasons why the protest is so weak

“Anne Will”: The conclusion

And so showed this edition of “Anne Will” above all that the situation is really tricky: Politicians now want more climate protection, but due to the Russian war they have to turn back the wheel in many places. At the same time, the climate protectors are actually good democrats, feel in the face of the climate crisis but forced to radicalize against the rule of law.

The result is also a destructive debate. That was what happened in the group at some point Katrin Goering-Eckardt clear. “The discussion draws energy, also from the essentials, because today we should actually be talking about the non-result of the climate conference,” said the Green Party. That pretty much sums up the problem.

Anne Will – More information about the talk show & moderator

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