Talkshows: "Maischberger": Is there a threat of lockdown? SPD politician becomes clear

At “Maischberger” the new traffic light coalition agreement was discussed. Dealing with the fourth corona wave was also an issue.

After around a month of negotiations, the SPD, Greens and FDP will have theirs on Wednesday Coalition agreement presented. It bears the title “Dare to make more progress” and the subtitle “Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Sustainability”. Just because a traffic light coalition has never governed at the federal level, this is a historic event, judges the journalist Ulrich Deppendorf.

Maischberger wants to know whether the FDP, which is hidden behind the word freedom in the subtitle, as winner of the treaty could be seen. “They negotiated like the SPD four years ago,” says journalist Cerstin Gammelin.

The party has four departments with finance, transport and digital affairs, education and research and justice Heavyweights got, but yielded in details. “On the outside, the FDP has won a lot. In the innards, for example, many details speak for the Greens,” says Gammelin.

“Maischberger” – Those were the guests

  • Lars Klingbeil, SPD
  • Volker Wissing, FDP
  • Ulrike Protzer, virologist
  • Manfred Wagner, Director of the Fürth Clinic
  • Ulrich Deppendorf, journalist
  • Cerstin Gammelin, Journalistin
  • Sascha Lobo, columnist

Is the traffic light a “potato cabinet”?

“Spiegel” columnist Sascha Lobo thinks that the coalition agreement contains “a lot of good things”, but criticizes the previously known distribution of the Ministries. He quotes the “Welt” journalist Robin Alexander and speaks of a “potato cabinet”.

“I would only find white people in ministerial posts catastrophe“, he says. One would expect something like that from the FDP, one would be disappointed with the SPD, but one would” really resent the Greens, “according to his judgment.

“Maischberger”: Klingbeil does not rule out any corona measure

A cabinet made up of equal numbers of men and women was a very important promise for Olaf Scholz, says the party chairman-designate of the SPD, Lars Klingbeil. Since the FDP announced its personal details on Wednesday and the Greens will do so on Thursday, the SPD would only distribute ministries afterwards. “We have 2021 when we belong women half into the cabinet, “said the SPD general secretary.

When the coalition agreement was presented, the likely future Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) also announced the establishment of a permanent one Bund-Länder crisis team in the Chancellery. This should come together daily and help in the fight against the dramatic development in the Corona crisis.

In response to Maischberger’s question about a possible lockdown as a measure, Klingbeil replied: “If measures the new government will not exclude any means to protect the people in the country. “Deppendorf, Gammelin and Lobo agree that sooner or later there will be a lockdown in Germany as well as in neighboring Austria.

“Maischberger”: Criticism of pandemic policy

Manfred Wagner is the medical director of the Fürth Clinic and describes the “often exaggerated situation” in the Hospitals. He rules out the much feared triage, i.e. the procedure for prioritizing medical assistance in the event of insufficient resources – but he reckons that his staff will have to be redistributed in order to be able to care for the increasing number of patients.

“I take on everyone and thus overload my staff,” says Wagner. “The Despair is already big. Because politicians repeatedly take time out from the pandemic. That was the case during the election campaign and during the coalition negotiations, “says Wagner.

The virologist Ulrike Protzer also says that the fourth wave cannot be controlled without vaccinations: “In the long term, it is the vaccinations that help us”. It is important now, the time until many Unvaccinated be vaccinated, so to bridge about until January or February. Because during this time the clinics would fill up, according to the virologist. Therefore, she also considers a new lockdown to be a possible measure.

“Maischberger”: Wissing speaks of the “new Chancellor Olaf Schmidt”

FDP General Secretary and future Minister for Transport and Digital, Volker Wissing, speaks once of the “new Chancellor Olaf Schmidt“- but nobody around seems to notice.

What also gets stuck is his statement that the soon-to-be finance minister Christian Lindner (FDP) have a vaccination obligation checked constitutionally. Because, as Wissing put it: “The coalition will use everything in its toolkit to fight the pandemic.”

“Maischberger”: This is how the past programs ran:

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