Talleres de Córdoba makes use of the purchase of a player intended by Gustavo Quinteros for Colo Colo

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Coach Gustavo Quinteros has among his options to add Matías Catalán as a reinforcement for Colo Colo, despite the fact that Talleres de Córdoba makes his purchase option effective.

Talleres makes use of the purchase of a player intended by Quinteros.
© Guillermo SalazarTalleres makes use of the purchase of a player intended by Quinteros.

Colo Colo is looking for a way to replace the departure of Matías Zaldivia. Coach Gustavo Quinteros He expressed that he hoped that all the players from the current squad could continue at the club, and he hoped to add a couple of reinforcements to have alternatives thinking about the challenges that must be faced for next year.

This is how one of the names that is within the possibilities is that of the Argentine nationalized Chilean defender Matías Catalán, who assumes as an option to add to the last line of the team. The player defended this season the jersey of Workshops of Cordobawho will make the use of the purchase of your pass effective.

According to the information shared by the journalist Rodrigo Gómez on his social networks, he announced that The Argentine club will make the purchase option effective contemplating that the letter of the national soccer player belongs to Pachuca of Mexicoand that he was only on loan this season in the Argentine team.

Nevertheless, the possibility is still latent and in Colo Colo they do not lose hope of being able to sign the central defender Matías Catalánconsidering that he would not use a foreign quota due to his dual nationality and it is one of the main wishes that the coach has for the position.

Key days that will begin to live from now on, due to the fact that in the event that the purchase use for the player’s pass is confirmed, it could become a problem for the Cacique and have to go out and look for a new name for the post.

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