Tandem: the reaction of Baya Réhaz and Astrid Veillon to the departure of Inès

Tuesday June 21, France 3 offers two new episodes of Tandem, the detective series carried by Astrid Veillon and Stéphane Blancafort, impeccable in the skin of Léa Soler and Paul Marchal, divorced but still in love with each other. Except that they don’t know it since the principle of the series (fully available on Salto) is based on the game of cat and mouse between the two heroes. So far, they’ve had a blank streak going from missed dates to missed dates. Things could change with Inès (Baya Rehaz) who, by dint of playing with fire, burned her wings and was smashed manu militari by Paul when he discovered the pot of roses. Result, she bends the saplings, leaves Montpellier… and the series!

Baya Réhaz, sad to leave her character

Arriving during the third season, Inès Zaidi was first favored by viewers before incurring their wrath when she fell in love with Paul. A story that surprised her “What was just a love affair at the start has become a very serious story. Inès had not seen it coming but she wants to make her life with Paul. She is sincere”, ensures Baya Rehaz, who despite her character’s hateful behavior tried to rehabilitate her. A waste of time, Inès and her interpreter take off. “I was sincerely sad to leave Inès, I adored her, assures the actress. I knew from the previous season that my character was going to leave the show and that we were going to do some not very nice things for her. I had been warned by explaining to me that it had to be removed because it took up a lot of space – and that’s great -, she insists, but it had to remain the tandem.’

An exit from the track a little quickly dispatched. “Inès’ departure happened a little quickly, recognizes Astrid Veillon. There are things that we would like to develop more but we cannot, materially speaking, develop it. Tandem becomes a choral series, we really didn’t have the space to do otherwise.”

Baya Réhaz, as comfortable in front of as behind the camera

It’s not because Baya Rehaz left Tandem during this sixth season (perhaps the penultimate of the series), that the actress is idle. On the contrary ! In addition to comedy, Baya Rehaz regularly passes behind the camera. She thus directed episodes ofWith family, the Six summer short series (whose broadcast has been postponed). “I directed episodes ofWith family and a new program for the M6 ​​group and whose provisional title is A family story. It’s with David Salles, Marie Lanchas, Nadia Roz… And I’m soon going to direct episodes of Scenes of households.”

There is no question of abandoning comedy. The proof : “I played in Appointment with crime, it’s a new collection for France 3, in Alice Vial’s OCS series, Seventh heaven, and I made a guest in Escort Boys, Ruben Alvez’s series for Amazon.”

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