Tapir Grandpa: Popular Dortmund zoo animal is moving: Bye, Grandpa Kuni!

A legend says goodbye to the Dortmund Zoo: tapir grandpa Kuni is moving to Saarbrücken – and the reason for this is more than just sweet.

Sad news for all fans of the Dortmund Zoo: Tapir Grandpa Kuni leaves the zoo. As the zoo announces on Facebook, it is for that Dortmunder Bedrock on the old days a few kilometers further south in the zoo to Saarbrucken.

New home in Saarland: A female is waiting for Kuni

The reason for moving is love. In his new enclosure in Saarland, Kuni is supposed to spend his tapir pension with the female flatland tapir Sira. This proves it again: A man also moves around the world – or to another federal state – for a special woman. The Facebook post makes it clear how difficult it is for the zoo team to say goodbye. “We will miss his kind and open-minded manner.”

Dortmund Zoo: Tapir grandpa Kuni takes his brother’s place in Saarbrücken

In consultation with the European Conservation Breeding Program, Kunis new home was found and prepared for him. Kunis younger brother Bruno, who died in July, was already staying there. Both tapirs were born in Gelsenkirchen in 1994 and lived past the average tapir age of 25 years.

The move will make room for the expansion of the rhino enclosure in Dortmund Zoo. They should be happy about the expansion, even if they lose a long-time neighbor in the enclosure. Actually, Kuni was supposed to grow old in peace after the conversion in the background of the Dortmund Zoo, but with the death of his brother, a place became available for him in Saarland.

Even if you would have liked to keep Kuni in Dortmund, you didn’t want to deny him the chance to be together in old age. Together with employees of the Dortmund Zoo, Kuni travels to Saarbrücken and then rebuilds “his Billy shelves” there. From there, the Dortmund Zoo then reports on its arrival.

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