Tasteless or eye-catcher? – Joko and Klaas broadcast live from their bodies

The moderator duo is more intimate than ever!

Use the 15 minutes of broadcast time you gained on Tuesday evening Joko Winterscheidt (42) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (38) on Wednesday evening for a show with particularly deep insights …

The two each swallowed a mini-camera, which is usually used for special gastrointestinal examinations – and so the audience could take a look inside the moderators.

To demonstrate that it really was a live recording, Klaas swallowed letter noodles. Soon afterwards, at least the “H” was clearly visible. However, Joko couldn’t guess the right word (help).

The next thing was a game of dice: each of the two swallowed a dice, then they wanted to see who rolled the higher number.

Since the dice did not appear on the screen at first, Klaas did a handstand and whoosh – the white game device could be seen, including six counters.

Then Joko lay down and stretched his legs in the air so that his dice could finally come into play. Here the six was immediately recognizable. A draw.

So the head of a Playmobil figure was also swallowed. Joko’s camera immediately discovered it in the gastrointestinal tract. So he won the game.

And what was it all about?

The resolution was faded in at the end: “Originally we wanted to make a serious contribution about preventive medical check-ups. But at some point we took a wrong turn. Probably early. Unfortunately, our original project did not succeed. “

But at least Joko and Klaas turned their insides outwards.

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