Taurus, Juric effect on the turnout at the stadium: the results attracted the public

Juric’s hand was also seen on the turnout at the stadium: against Juve the first sold out of the season

New season and new goals for the Serie A clubs which, after two years of general instability, are slowly getting closer to normality. Among the happy notes of this championship there is in fact the reintegration of the public. The epidemic curve has in fact given positive signals allowing the opening of the gates to 50% of the maximum occupancy of the stadiums in the first seven days, then increased to 75% from the next day. The Grande Torino, which has a maximum capacity of 27,994 fans, therefore has it reduced to 13,997 for the restrictions brought by Covid. The long-awaited reopening of the stadiums did not bring all the effects initially hoped for: the disappointing results of previous seasons have prompted the grenade people to prefer alternative methods to follow the Bull than to return to the stadium. The course began to reverse over time and improvements also on front of the results.

Toro, Juric’s hand has encouraged the presence of spectators from the match with Salernitana

Then thanks to the summer, the first scheduled challenges saw low percentages attend the stands. The one that met with the least success was the Coppa Italia match against Cremonese, scheduled for mid-August: only 10.6% showed up at the stadium out of the total allowed. Immediately after there is theAtalanta, in which the stands were filled for 24.8% of the allowed. The performance against the Goddess convinced, unlike the one against Fiorentina, which, however, did not slow down the enthusiasm. There Salerno was the first opponent against which the grenade public began to be seen and heard more: 62.8% of the permitted capacity, therefore 32.4% of the stadium was filled and the difference was seen. Torino obtained their first victory against the other Serie A grenades, repeating in the next match against Sassuolo. Turin-Lazio instead, played in a midweek round, saw a slight decrease with 61.6% of the seats granted filled, but the Juric effect reached its peak in the derby. The square has in fact hoped to return to win against Juventus given the excellent conditions and filled 43.1% of the stadium on the 50% allowed (therefore 86.2%).

Serie A, Turin in fourteenth place in the turnout ranking. Venice and Spezia stand out

The grenades remain on the left side of the ranking as average spectators per hour despite the increase: they are in fact fourteenth with an average of 8,319 spectators per game and a use of 29.7%. The first places in the standings are instead occupied by Spezia and Venice. The Winged Lions are among the newly promoted this season, while the Spezia continues on the wave of enthusiasm. The Eaglets are also the only club to have run out of seats on two different occasions. The one who is in the last position is there Sampdoria: the Sampdoria are the club with the fewest spectators present, with a use of space of 14.7%. Only one victory for them, obtained against Empoli and a fifteenth place that the fans do not like.

Fans of Torino FC show their support prior to the Serie A football match between Torino FC and Juventus FC.

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