Tax officer killed during a check: the prosecutor evokes the track of a premeditated act

The junk dealer who killed a tax official on Monday who came for a check at his home in Pas-de-Calais could have premeditated his act, said the public prosecutor of Arras on Tuesday, November 22, after a tribute to the victim delivered to the Assembly by deputies and ministers.

“We found clamps on the spot” with whom the main inspector killed and a colleague were attached, explained the prosecutor, Sylvain Barbier Sainte Marie. “These links had probably been purchased before the facts”knowing that an appointment had been fixed for the control, he put forward during a press conference.

The investigation, led by the research section of the Hauts-de-France gendarmerie, is open to the heads of assassination and kidnapping.

According to the prosecutor, the junk dealer, 46, kidnapped the two agents before killing the inspector and then shooting himself “touching point in the chest”. A gun “Luger-like” was found next to his body.

The tax agent, 43, died “several stab wounds to the back and chest”underlined Sylvain Barbier Sainte Marie. “He also showed a trace of self-defense. »

His colleague, 39 years old, is severely psychologically shocked. “She is currently in the process of auditioning”said the prosecutor.

The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, had specified at midday that she had “witnessed the murder of his colleague”.

“It degenerated”

The respondent, found dead in an outbuilding of his property, did not leave a message to explain his actions, according to the prosecutor.

The two agents had gone to his home in Bullecourt around 2 p.m. as part of a “examination of the tax situation of his company” started in May 2022, explained Sylvain Barbier Sainte Marie. The first part went pretty well. “and then it got out of hand”he developed.

What we know about the murder of a tax official during a check in Pas-de-Calais

According to the first elements of the investigation, the junk dealer called his ex-wife around 4 p.m., asking her to come. Arrived around 6 p.m., the latter saw the inspector “tied to a chair” and has ” immediately “ warned the cops. Both men were already dead when they arrived.

The National Assembly observed Tuesday a minute of silence in memory of the victim.

The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, had previously announced a tribute Wednesday at noon in the Departmental Directorates of Public Finances (DDFiP) of France. “The Republic mourns one of its own”he said after talking for more than an hour with the victim’s colleagues at the Arras tax services. “It is revolting that a servant of the State, of the Republic, of the French can be […] killed because he is doing his job”he said.

“Learning lessons”

Access to the home of the entrepreneur, in a decrepit red brick farmhouse in the village of Bullecourt, was blocked on Tuesday by the gendarmes, who were conducting investigations there.

The victim is described by his colleagues as a “reassuring figure, united, a real team leader”, reported the minister. According to Bercy, he accompanied his colleague for security reasons. Gabriel Attal mentioned “previous checks” of this flea market, during which “situations of tension could have existed”.

The second-hand dealer, divorced and father of two children, a boy of around 13 and a girl ” younger “was “arrived about seven years ago in the town”, according to Éric Bianchin, mayor of this town of 250 inhabitants located south of Arras. He “cleared the houses” and held sales at his home through his business, Speed ​​Débarras. “We had no problem with this person”he added, referring to “a stroke of madness”.

According to the prosecutor, the entrepreneur had taken a course on the prevention of violence in 2019 after violence against minors.

If it is confirmed by the investigation that it is “well the author of the facts”, “we are going to move towards an extinction of public action”said the prosecutor.

In a statement, the FO-DGFiP union called for “Learn the lessons of this tragedy to concretely strengthen the protection of personnel”.

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