Taxi driver runs over and kills 3-year-old boy in Chetumal

a video disseminated on social networks shows the moment in which a 3 year old boy it is run over by a taxi driver in the streets of the city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

In the images, captured by security cameras of a business, the minor is observed crossing the street in an untimely way after separating from his mother, who remains meters behind accompanied by two other minors.

The video of the accident has caused a great impact on Chetumalean society due to the age of the victim, who, according to Milenio, would have died after being taken to the hospital. The Truth News share the details with you.

Warning: Strong images.

Child run over by taxi in Chetumal

The brutal run over was registered minutes after 4:00 p.m. on October 13 at the intersection of Chachalacas streets and Maxuxac avenue, in the Nuevo Progreso de Chetumal neighborhood, reported the portal Por Esto!

Alondra U, the minor’s aunt, said that she, her children and her sister were trying to cross the aforementioned avenue on their way back to the grandmother’s house, located in the Nuevo Progreso neighborhood. At some point the boy let go of his mother’s hand and crossed into the street, at which point he was hit and dragged away by unit 1704 of the Chetumal Car Rental Drivers Union (Succha).

A driver who was behind the taxi at the time of the accident offered to take the boy to hospital, but his life could not be saved.

They arrest the taxi driver

A group of motorcyclists tracked down and located the young taxi driver (Image: Noticaribe).

A group of motorcyclists who chased the taxi after the accident managed to find it and made the corresponding complaint to the State Attorney General’s Office. The taxi driver was arrested.

In the recording, it is observed that the taxi driver did not realize that the family was trying to cross and ran over the child, dragging him several meters without stopping the vehicle at any time.

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