Taxi drove into a crowd in New York: three seriously injured

A taxi pulled onto the sidewalk and into a crowd on Broadway in New York. Police said three people were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

At least six people were injured, including the driver. It is not known how the incident in the New York borough of Manhattan could have happened. But the police assumed it was an accident.


The scene was a few blocks south of the Empire State Building in an area populated by hotels, bars, and restaurants. According to initial investigations, the yellow taxi turned left onto Broadway and initially collided with a cyclist, police said. The driver then dodged onto the sidewalk, finally accelerated and pushed two women against a wall with his car.

“When that happened, a remarkable scene unfolded,” New York City Police Officer John Chell said during a news conference. About 15 to 20 passers-by tried to lift the taxi and free the women from their plight.

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