Taxi licenses: a problem that has been going on for more than 10 years

Being a taxi driver or remisero in Santa Fe is, without a doubt, an odyssey. In the first place, by the repeated facts of insecurity suffered by workers on a daily basis, who go out to the streets to earn their daily bread knowing that they may not return.

In some places you do not enter. No matter how much you are a regular customer of the company, there are certain times when you cannot enter to certain neighborhoods, “he began by saying Miguel Acosta, taxi driver with almost 12 years of experience, in CADENA OH!

In this sense, he assured that “In all this time nothing has changed for the better” and specified: “The same obsolete system of communication and we are still within reach of thieves“.

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On the other hand, the non-granting of licenses by the Municipality it continues to be one of the main problems workers face. “In Santa Fe there is a shortage of taxi drivers because no licenses have been issued for more than 10 years“, he asserted.

According Acosta, “in general a license is issued every 700 inhabitants, but that does not contemplate the supply / demand relationship; today, the demand is higher“.

There are more than 100 licenses that are disabled to circulate due to lack of papers. Both taxi drivers and remiseros suffer from the same problem: disqualification of licenses by the municipality, he concluded.

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