TC Teaches: How to Delete All Your Photos and Videos from Google Photos

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Today, continuing this routine, we present one more tip; this time, for Google Photos users! Learn how to clear your memories from the platform, erasing all the photos and videos stored on the search giant’s service.

20 June

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23 Dec

How to delete all photos and videos from Google Photos

Without a doubt, Google Photos is one of the best storage services on the market when it comes to keeping your memories in an organized way, dividing photos and videos by theme, people and location; in addition to providing a simplified search.

However, while for some it can be a salvation, even allowing access to memories from any device, for others it can be unnecessary or even a delay – taking up part of the storage space provided by Google.

So, whether because you need more free storage on your account, or because you are already using another platform to store your memories and want to eliminate redundancy, check out below how to delete all your photos and videos from Google Photos. If before deleting you want to backup the information, check out our other tutorial.

  • With Google Photos open in a web browser, on your computer, select the first image from your library.

  • With the first image bookmarked, scroll to the bottom of the gallery. Now, with the Shift key pressed, click on the last image. All memories will be selected.

  • Click on the trash can icon located on the top bar and then confirm the deletion by clicking on move to trash.

  • By default, all deleted images are in the trash and are automatically deleted – permanently – after 60 days. To perform immediate deletionclick in Trash can in the sidebar.

  • On the new screen, click Empty the trashcan to get rid of the content immediately.
  • On the next screen, confirm the deletion by clicking again Empty the trashcan.

There, you learned how to delete all the content from your gallery in Google Photos! Now, to prevent it from being filled in again with the automatic upload from your smartphone, turn off the option to Backup and Sync.

To do this, tap your profile picture in the app, go to Google Photos Settings > Backup and Sync and disable the option switch Backup and Sync. If you want to understand a little more about the options in this menu, check out our other tutorial.

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