Tchaker Lawn Affair: Minister Sebgag’s “Plan B”

During a press conference on the sidelines of his first meeting with the directors of youth and sports, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrezak Sebgag in this case, revealed, this Thursday, October 14, the date of the reception of the “5 July” stadium, and its return to service, as well as other important points.

Indeed, Sebgag said today: “At the end of this current month, the” 5 July “stadium will be ready to host the matches. The latter can be used as an alternative plan ”.

The Minister of Youth and Sports added: “if the works of the Oran stadium are completed at the end of this month, the field will also be ready to host football matches”.

Regarding the subject of the stadium of Blida Mustapha Tchaker, Sebgag said that the management of the stadium having been officially transferred to the Algerian Football Federation. Currently, we have started to take care of Tchaker’s lawn. I receive daily reports on this subject from specialists, ”he said.

Sebgag reveals the official date of the next match against Djibouti

In addition, the minister revealed that his sector still operates with the mentality of local administration and bureaucracy “which is of no use”. Adding that “some managers only come to complete their working hours”. The latter also said that all these directors must be held accountable for wasting public money on untapped projects.

Thus, he underlined, during his first meeting with the directors of youth and sports of the various wilayas of the country, that the sports movement stipulated by the Prime Minister must be revived, specifying that this situation cannot be tolerated.

At the said conference, Sebgag confirmed that the national team’s match against his Djibouti counterpart for the fifth round of the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will officially take place in Cairo, Egypt on November 10 at 8 p.m. 00 (local time).

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