TD from Iran: "whatever they do they want to kill them"

As a result of the situation that Iran is going through with the protests over the death of Masha Amini, the starting team of the Iranian national team refrained from singing the anthem, full of expressions in favor of the regime. After the defeat, Carlos Queiroz -technical director- emphasized the emotions that the players faced in recent days as the main cause of the win.

The squad of the Iranian National Team does not escape what is happening in their country, with the demonstrations that resulted from the death of Amini, detained by the morality police for not wearing the Islamic veil as governed by the strict rules of the regime.

Two days after her arrest, the young woman was found dead, plunging the country into a wave of protests that so far, due to the brutal repression, has recorded more than 370 deaths.

In their own tribute to Amini and in protest, the Iranian team did not sing the national anthem before the match. “Bahman is the halo of glory of our faith. Your message, O Imam, of independence and freedom shapes our lives,” says one of the verses. In this sense, Bahman is a clear reference to the month in which the triumph of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 is commemorated each year.

After the defeat of the team led by Queiroz 6-2 against England, the coach took responsibility away from the squad at the press conference. “You -the journalists- do not know what the boys have been suffering these days. The boys only want to express themselves as players, but whatever they do, whatever they say, they want to kill them. They tell them to represent the country and play for the people”, he commented then.

The Iranian team has at least two games left in the World Cup. Next Friday they will face Wales, while they will play the last match of the group stage against the United States on Tuesday, November 29.

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