Teacher buys televisions for her students to watch the World Cup and it goes viral

The working and academic lives of soccer fans have been affected by the World Cup. Qatar 2022 due to the time of year in which it is being played and the time difference. For this reason, as has happened many times, a large number of schools in the country stopped classes and broadcast the debut of the Mexican team in this World Cup.

A Mexican teacher by name @cris_lacreisy in TikTokdecided to get ahead of the other teachers at his school and bought three televisions so that his students can watch the games, particularly the ones in Mexico.

In the video that made the teacher go viral on social networks, you can see how inside her car the teacher shows the three screens and speakers that she bought for three different courses at the rural school where she is a teacher and director. “I bought my students screens to watch the World Cup,” he wrote in the superimposed text on the clip.

At the request of users on TikTok, the teacher recorded a second video where she teaches how they installed the 43-inch televisions to watch the national team play against Poland. A game that they enjoyed drinking soda and chips that the teacher also bought.

The clips posted on the TikTok from @cris_lacreisy They achieved more than 142 million views on the short video platform and exceeded 1.6 million ‘likes’.

While most of the popular responses to the video praised the teacher: “In my school they did not give authorization but I would like a teacher like you very much”, “I would like a teacher like that”, “The best teacher”, “I want that miss ”, “You are the best”, “The perfect teacher”.

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