Teacher grabs a student with belts for bullying classmates

In Perua teacher grabbed a student with belts for doing it bullying to another classmate in full class time; The case reached the educational authorities and provoked all kinds of criticism against the institution due to his position.

The events were recorded in Mendiola Educational Institutionwhere the teacher Daniel Mendiola was teaching his classes when he noticed that one of his students physically assaulted his classmate, and without hesitation, he decided to act.

In front of his entire class, Mendiola took off his belt and hit the minor, a fact that caused a stir among the students who decided to record the scene with their cell phones and spread it on social networks.

Parents react to teacher who grabbed student with belts

Teacher grabs a student with belts for bullying classmates

The teacher returned to the classroom.

Although the case reached the educational authorities, the directors agreedn do not apply sanctions against the teacher, he was not even reported to the Peruvian authorities due to the response of the parents.

And it is that unlike what many could imagine, the parents came to the defense de Daniel and recognized his work in a case of bullying, which is why he was reinstated to his work after being suspended while his case is investigated.

After being acquitted of all the accusations, the teacher shared a message through his social networks where he thanked the show of affection he received during the investigation process and assured that the work of a teacher is not only “filling notebooks” but also “teach and cultivate values”.

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What is bullying?

Teacher grabs a student with belts for bullying classmates

Within the categories of bullying are: physical, emotional, verbal, online and sexual

As we previously reported in The Truth NewsBullying is aggression to exercise power over another person. Researchers have defined it as a series of hostile physical or verbal threats that are repeated, distressing the victim and establishing an imbalance of power between her and her harasser. The case of the teacher who grabs a student in Peru with belts is shocking the whole world because she was not charged.

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