Teaching parity: the Government set an increase of 45.5% after negotiation with the unions

The Government and the unions agreed on a new initial teacher salary of 40 thousand pesos since December
The Government and the unions agreed on a new initial teacher salary of 40 thousand pesos since December

The Government and the five national teacher unions agreed today jointly on a new guaranteed minimum wage for the entire country of 38 thousand pesos from October 1, 39 thousand from November 1 and 40 thousand from next December 1, which totaled a 45.5 percent improvement, according to union sources. In CABA, a single-time teacher without seniority (incoming) will earn $ 45,913 from August and 52,127 in September.

The decision was made after meetings between the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, and the Executive Committee of the Federal Council of Education and the representatives of the five national teacher unions -CTERA, UDA, CEA, SADOP and AMET- within the framework of the national teaching parity in which the new salary agreement was consolidated.

Those sums agreed for the new guaranteed or initial national salary included the additional for connectivity and the National Fund for Teaching Incentive (Fonid), reported the Secretary General of the Union of Argentine Teachers (UDA), Sergio Romero, who confirmed to Telam that the negotiation included a review clause next November.

Last night Trotta had summoned the five national unions to the second round of joint negotiations in the Pizzurno Palace Starting at noon today and, after an hour and a half meeting, union members and officials agreed on the new initial minimum wage.

“There was a joint agreement with the five national unions from this meeting, which is the seventh by the joint national teacher of our management”, detailed the Minister of Education. “For us it is essential to make the greatest effort in the joint sphere as well as in each of the educational jurisdictions to meet the challenge that teacher salaries exceed inflation and, mainly, that it has a progressive recovery in its purchasing power ”, commented Trotta.

Nicolás Trotta, Minister of Education of the Nation
Nicolás Trotta, Minister of Education of the Nation

Trade unionists and officials had gone to an intermission room at the opening of the negotiations to analyze the official proposal and the union counter offer, after a First meeting in which the unions rejected the offer as “insufficient”.

Trotta had pointed out the importance of opening the dialogue to monitor the agreement signed this year and analyze the working conditions of teachers prior to the meeting of next novemberor, as the decree that re-institutionalized conventional negotiation had determined.

Precisely, the parties agreed to meet again in November as indicated in Decree No. 457/2007, which establishes that annual negotiations will be convened in that month in order to generate consensus in advance of the beginning of the school years.

The City of Buenos Aires also gave details in this regard. The Buenos Aires Government communicated the following detail: regarding August 2021, Single-time teachers without seniority (incoming) will receive $ 45,913; Full-time teacher without seniority (incoming) $ 91,826; Single-time teacher with seniority of $ 55,729; Senior full-time teacher $ 107,006. Regarding November 2021: Single-time teacher without seniority (incoming) $ 52,127; Full-time teacher without seniority (incoming) $ 104,254; Single-time teacher with seniority $ 63,973; Full-time teacher with seniority $ 122,960.

The initial income of a teacher is the one determined in the national parity and, then, each province can improve it if you are in a position to reopen the discussion.

In the last federal paritaria, the five teachers’ unions with national representation and the Government had agreed a 34.6 percent increase in three tranches.

The teacher’s starting salary it was 27,500 pesos and, after that joint agreement, it went to 31,000 pesos in March, 34,500 in July and 37,000 in September, while the Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid) increased 45 percent since last March.


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