Technology: 5 keys to prolong the life of your cell phone

Smartphones have become important Technological tools that entertain us and help us with work, since we coordinate meetings or do some work activities with this device. For this reason, we must keep it in the best conditions in order to prolong its useful life. If you don’t know how to protect your ‘partner’, then the specialists of OPPO, brand of smart devicesThey give you good advice:

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1. DO NOT REMOVE SIM CARD OR SD MEMORY FREQUENTLY. This practice can damage the cell phone internally, since the area where the SIM card and memory are housed is very delicate. Unintentionally you can loosen or break any part.

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2. USE A PROTECTIVE COVER. A tip that seems obvious, but it is necessary to repeat it. This casing or case will protect your cell phone from any fall or blow. There are covers for all tastes. Always remember to keep it clean, as dust can accumulate on it. In addition, it is key to have a screen protector to safeguard the device 100%.

3. BEWARE OF EXTREME TEMPERATURES. These usually damage any electronic equipment. Cell phones already heat up with use or charging, so if we increase the temperature with external forces, it can seriously damage the battery performance. If your cell phone is very hot, stop using it and take it to a shady and cool place.

4. DO NOT EXPOSE THE LIFE OF YOUR BATTERY. Use original equipment brand accessories. Also, do not fully discharge the phone’s battery, as this could cause serious damage as the phone goes into a deep discharge state.

5. UPGRADE YOUR SMARTPHONE SYSTEM. With every new update comes improvements. They can bring with them lower battery consumption, easier functions to use, among others. Make sure the system is up to date.


Avoid leaving your cell phone charging all night, this will also damage it internally. When it reaches 100%, unplug it.


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