Technology: 7 keys to prevent hackers from ruining your summer

During summer There are usually more digital threats or cyberattacks because many people are more aware of their vacations, their trips or outings with family or friends. In order not to fall into the hands of some unscrupulous hacker, it is important not to lower our guard and continue with all our digital security mechanisms, because as the old and well-known saying goes: ‘better safe than sorry’.

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Because, Barry Spielman, Director of Product Marketing at Allot, gives us the following recommendations:

1. Make an external backup of your personal files important so that you can recover them in the event of a digital attack.

2. Keep the entire operating system of your cell phone, laptop, PC or tablet updated, as some programs include security ‘patches’ that will keep you protected.

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3. Download applications (apps) only from your store (Google Play or Apple Store), as these stores rigorously screen apps.

4. Be wary of messages and/or emails that ‘invite you urgently’ to download a file or access a link. If you are in doubt, contact the sender through another channel and verify that the message is authentic.

5. Use security mechanisms, such as strong passwords (combination of capital letters, numbers, symbols. Forget about birthdays or anniversaries and change them from time to time), automatic locks, facial and/or fingerprint recognition.

6. Keep your social networks private, not public. Sometimes we unknowingly post highly personal information that can be captured by cybercriminals.

7. Unplug the router at home if you’re not using it, this way you will avoid any illicit access.


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