Teddy on missiles from Melissa Klug to Samahara and Youna: “Your daughter is not the best match”

Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter could not stop commenting on the tremendous hints that Melissa Klug has been throwing after the reconciliation of her daughter Samahara Lobatón with Youna, the father of her only granddaughter.

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“It is known that Melissa does not love Youna at all and it is understandable because what mother wants to see her daughter unhappy, fighting, being disrespected, with violence within the home, with a person who does not empower you”, indicated the popular Peluchín this afternoon in his program.

However, he stressed that Samahara Lobatón is not an example either. “Your daughter is not the best match, you should ask Youna’s mother what she thinks of her, because remember that the one who pulled the knife was her“He said in reference to the strong complaint filed by the barber a few months ago.

For her part, Gigi Miter indicated that it does not seem right that Melissa Klug use your social networks to send tremendous missiles against the couple. “If you want to say something to him, you better tell him directly, he does not tell him on Instagram for everyone to speculate”the driver lamented.

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Rodrigo gonzalez He wanted to justify the chalaca a bit by saying that he “understands her despair,” but said that Youna is not “the boyfriend on duty.” “He’s your granddaughter’s father and you’re going to have to smoke him a pipe for the rest of your life”, he limited.

Finally, he indicated that he hopes that these hints do not affect the relationship of Melissa Klug with Samahara Lobatón, since being friends cost them a lot in the past.It would be very bad for Samahara to retaliate with the granddaughter because your mother, wrong or wrong, adores you and wants the best for you. Parents do not always find the best solutions in their desperation, but they always look for the best for us … sometimes they are wrong with the forms “Peluchín concluded.

Rodrigo González hopes that Samahara Lobatón will not retaliate against her mother and prevent her from seeing her only granddaughter. He also wondered what Youna’s mother thinks about the young influencer.


Melissa Klug continues to send messages about toxic relationships, after the reconciliation between his daughter Samahara Lobatón and the barber Youna. Just a few hours ago, the chalaca used her Instagram stories to graph the ‘signs that this person is not for you’. And now, he shared several posts in a kind of ‘manipulator’s guide’.

“The world is full of good intentions and hell too. The point is that we should probably stop thinking in such binary and simplistic terms as ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’ to start thinking about good and bad actions ”, wrote the ‘white of Chucuito’.

He also highlighted that ‘more than toxic people, there are toxic behaviors and dynamics’, in a summary in 10 photos where it is described how a manipulator works. “Four manipulation techniques difficult to detect”, he says at the beginning of his post.


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