Teemu Pukki on the failed transfer and the last year of the contract with Norwich: "Now I play for them and then we think about the future"

Teemu Pukki was looking for a new club this summer, but a continuation at Norwich quickly became the most obvious solution. At the same time, Joel Pohjanpalos’ path to a new club continues.

In recent seasons, footballer Teemu Pukki has alternated in England between being the top scorer in the Championship and the gem of the hopeless jumbo in the Premier League.

After Norwich was relegated last spring, Pukki was open about wanting to change clubs.

– You heard about it from different quarters, but no one had the intention of paying as much as Norwich wanted for me. Pretty quickly it dawned on me that a transfer won’t happen. But I don’t think about it anymore. Now I am a Norwich player at least for this season that I still have on the contract. Then we have to think again about the future, said Teemu Pukki, 32, at the national team’s media meeting at Fiskartorpet in Helsinki.

Teemu Pukki
Teemu Pukki is the player who scored the most goals in the Finnish men’s national team. Archive image.

Photo: Tomi Hänninen / Yle

The national team has assembled to face Romania at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki on Friday and Montenegro away on Monday.

– Of course it is easier to come here now that we are winning matches and I have started netting again. The national team is different, but the first few days are probably influenced by how I feel when I come here from Norwich.

Pohjanpalo happy with the move to Italy

In the national team, Pukki forms a familiar attacking duo with Joel Pohjanpalo, who also figured in a transfer context during the summer.

The new address was the Italian Serie B club Venice, which paid the 2.5 million sum that the German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen wanted.

– It was never out of the question to stay in Leverkusen. They wanted a certain amount of money, which in turn ruled out several options. There was also interest from elsewhere and larger series. In the end, Venice’s package and future plans were what made me choose them, said Joel Pohjanpalo.

Contract with new club after years in Germany

Pohjanpalo, 28, had a contract with Leverkusen for nine years, but the time passed mostly on loan to other German clubs and last year to Turkey.

– At the moment, Leverkusen’s game shows that they only have one striker. They didn’t get a new one when I left, Pohjanpalo noted.

After last season, Venice had to take the step down from Serie A. The new start has not been the best and the team is in 16th place after six rounds.

– In Italy it is said that this will be one of the toughest years in Serie B. There are so many clubs that can step up. Everyone knows what we are after, concluded Joel Pohjanpalo.

Changes in the national team

Ahead of the final matches in the Nations League, Finland is in third place in the group.

Bosnia-Herzegovina are four points ahead and Montenegro three, and group victory and who advances to the A-League could be decided in Friday’s home game.

Finland is one point ahead of Friday’s opponents Romania, and the match could go a long way in deciding which team is relegated to the C-League.

Nations League, B League, Group 3

Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 matches – 8 points
Montenegro 4 matches – 7 points
Finland 4 games – 4 points
Romania 4 games – 3 points

Remaining matches: Friday 23.9. Bosnia-Herzegovina–Montenegro, Finland–Romania, Monday 26.9. Montenegro–Finland, Romania–Bosnia-Herzegovina.

There will also be some last minute changes to the Finnish squad. Robert Taylor is forced to withdraw and is replaced by Santeri Hostikka, while Oliver Antman comes in for Robin Lod.

On Monday, it also became clear that Jukka Raitala, 34, is ending his national team career after playing 64 games in the team.

Jukka Raitala in the national team.
The national team career is over for Jukka Raitala. Archive image.

Photo: Tomi Hänninen / Yle

The article is an edited translation of Jussi Vainikka’s article Teemu Pukille valkeni jädsä kyslyitä, etti toivesiirtoa Valioliigaan tule: “Oli sätto kaikenlaisia ​​kyslyitä” for Yle Urheilu. The translation was made by Svante Thilman.

Finland meets Romania at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki on Friday at 21:45. TV2 and Arenan broadcast live starting at 9 p.m.

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