Teenagers: How to prevent your daughter from being ‘pepeen’ at a party?

Surely we have heard in the news that there are young girls who are ‘pepeadas’ at parties of ‘friends’. This makes us think about the safety of teenagers, who currently go on a spree until the next day and parents either do not know or do not say anything.

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For the psychobiotherapist Mary Cruz Jiménez, Parties are a way to socialize and relax, but if the children do not take the necessary precautionary measures and the parents do not fulfill their protective role, that night of debauchery can bring undesirable consequences and, in the worst case, tragic.

Bearing in mind that, in these types of gatherings, girls tend to be more vulnerable to suffering this type of attack (to take advantage of them sexually), than boys (who are generally victims of ‘las peperas’ that have the objective of rob them), the expert advises that before telling your daughter how to take care of herself or what she should and should not do in a meeting with her friends, start by making it clear what the rules and limits are at home.

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♦Know what kind of party and where it will be. Also, ask him to leave the phone number of some of his friends or the owner of the house where it will take place.

♦Speak up and tell him to take certain precautions, because one does not know if there will be a malicious person among the guests. For example, when you go to the bathroom, it is better that you do not leave your glass with a drink on the table or bar: that you finish everything or when you return, that you ask for another drink.

♦Remind her that every action has consequences and that one must assume responsibility.

♦Limit an arrival time and remind him not to go over that time, otherwise there will be a penalty.


If he comes up with the argument: ‘My friends are allowed to stay in other houses, why don’t you want to’, simply reply: ‘I am your mother (or father), you are under my roof and there are rules that are respected here. Don’t feel like you’re the bad guy (or the ‘bad guy’) in the story, you’re doing the right thing for their well-being.


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