Telegram Premium launched for R$ 24.90: see what changes in the exclusive version

After several speculations and leaks, Telegram Premium has finally been officially announced by the app’s developers. The announcement was published, as always, on the company’s blog, where all the advantages obtained for those who subscribe to the monthly plan are described. Clearly the benefits are aimed at those who really need greater efficiency when using the app, that is, companies, content creators, information sharing services, among others.

While in the US, according to the website TheVerge, US$ 4.99/month is being charged for the Telegram Premium subscription, in Brazil the charge is R$ 23.99 on Android and R$ 24.90 on iOS. The reason for the price difference is that the App Store, Apple’s application store, charges higher fees.

Among the benefits offered in Telegram Premium, there is the upload of files up to 4GB, faster downloads, exclusive stickers, more tools for managing chats and double limits. Check out all the details below!

Heads up: All features that currently exist on Telegram will remain free. As the instant messaging application has so far been completely free, subscribing to premium features will only be a way to get resources to continue the work of improving the platform more and more.

4GB uploads

Currently, any user can upload files and large media, but there is a limit of 2GB per file. When subscribing to Telegram Premium, you will have the option to transfer files up to 4GB in the app.

Ability to upload 4GB files in Telegram Premium. Source: Telegram

folded limits

Those who subscribe to Telegram Premium will have higher limits for just about everything in the app. For example, you can follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, add up to four accounts in a single app, pin 10 chats to the main list and save up to 10 stickers as favorites.

Folded limits.  Source: Telegram
Folded limits. Source: Telegram

faster downloads

In the premium version of Telegram, file downloads stored in the cloud will be faster, thus making it easier to access files in the cloud faster. Remembering that today there is no data storage limit in the free or premium Telegram cloud.

other news

text to audios

Although there are already bots (robots) for transcribing audio messages to text, it is said that in the Premium version of Telegram “voice messages can be converted into text” in addition to making it possible to “evaluate transcripts to help improve them”.

Exclusive stickers and reactions

Being an aesthetic “advantage”, the use of stickers (stickers) and exclusive reactions in Telegram premium is one of the benefits of the subscription.

More tools to facilitate chat management

This set of chat management features is probably one of the most useful benefits a premium Telegram user can gain. Among the new features is, for example, the ability to change default chats so that the app always opens in a custom folder with a specific name (example: unread).

animated profile picture

Through Telegram premium, it will be possible to use a short video instead of a static image in the user’s profile image.

Premium account symbol

All Telegram premium subscribers will be identified by a star to indicate that they subscribe to the app’s paid service.

Telegram premium account symbol.  Source: Telegram
Telegram premium account symbol. Source: Telegram

App icon customization

Premium users will be able to change the Telegram icon on mobile, tablet or computer.

Subscription price in Brazil

Telegram Premium in Brazil charges BRL 23.99 on Android and BRL 24.90 on iOS. The reason for the price difference is that the App Store, Apple’s application store, charges higher fees.

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