Ivan Ilic

Telenovela Ilic: Marseille raises everything back in the balance

The disputed Ilic: Toro seemed to have gotten closer but the French are not giving up. Today is another decisive day

A real soap opera. First the negotiation between Verona and Turin which seems to be able to bring Ilic to the grenade (together with Hien, but for June), then the strong inclusion of Marseille who had convinced the Venetians by putting a different figure on the plate. Yesterday the new lunge of Turin, with Vagnati who worked on the player, who seemed inclined to yes. In the evening the new thrust of Marseille which strengthened by the agreement with the Gialloblù.

The day can be decisive

Today may be there decisive day: OM would leave Ilic at Verona until the end of the season, while for Toro the player would immediately go to reinforce the grenades, with Juric welcoming him with open arms.

Ivan Ilic

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