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Telephone canvassing: here is the list of numbers to block to be quiet

Telephone canvassing is a nightmare for millions of French people. Each week, they receive an average of 4 unsolicited calls for various business proposals according to figures from UFC Que Choisir.

In recent months, however, we have seen a small evolution of the sector thanks to several decrees that have entered into force. In January, it was the telecoms regulator (Arcep) which forced marketers to use specific numbers to solicit the French. Since March 1, the pressure has increased even more on telephone advisers since they can no longer canvass customers at certain times of the day.

However, the number of complaints continues to be maintained and the French quickly lose their calm in the face of telephone advisers who multiply the calls. If you no longer want to receive unsolicited calls, there is an official list of numbers (or rather telephone codes) that canvassers are obliged to use in the course of their work.

The list of numbers to avoid

If you no longer want to be constantly canvassed for products or services that do not interest you, the best thing is to filter the codes in the list below. In mainland France, there is a series of codes that can be confusing.

Be aware in any case that canvassers do not have the right to use numbers that begin with 06 or 07. These are reserved for interpersonal communications. Beware, however, of the wild approach that is not afraid to break the rules by using these callsigns.

List numbers of direct sellers in France:

  • Metropolitan France: 0162, 0163, 0270, 0271, 0377, 0378, 0424, 0425, 0568, 0569, 0948, 0949
  • Guadeloupe, in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy: 09475
  • Guyana: 09476
  • Martinique : 09477
  • Reunion and Mayotte: 09478 and 09479

What about numbers in 09?

In addition, you may have doubts about telephone numbers that begin with 09. These can be used by prospecting call centers but also by technical platforms. For example, your Uber driver or certain delivery people may rely on such numbers to contact you. It will be necessary to be vigilant if you wait for the return of such a service: it is better not to block it.

If, despite your efforts, you continue to be harassed for unsolicited proposals, you can register your telephone number on the Bloctel service. Commercial canvassing companies are obliged to check that the numbers called do not appear on this list. If this is the case, they expose themselves to significant financial penalties. Even if you are in the Bloctel directory and an operator contacts you, simply tell him that you are on this list to have him hang up immediately.

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