Teleticket is cleaned after cancellation of Juan Luis Guerra’s concert: “Arena Peru is in charge of determining the capacity”

The authorities closed the Sand Peru after breaching the capacity during the concert of Juan Luis Guerra and thousands of fans were harmed. teleticket published a statement to the public opinion where it provides more information about what happened.

As a first point, the company stressed who asked to suspend the activities of the premises. “The event has been canceled due to provisions of the Municipality of Surco related to the capacity of the venue”they pointed out.

Likewise, they indicated that they do not observe on it, this task is carried out by Arena Peru. “In this sense, Teleticket, in coordination with the organizer of the event, they expressed.

On the other hand, they stressed that the company s that the organizer allocates to the show and their validation at the time of admission”.

Finally, they apologize to the public and announced that they will return the money to the attendees who waited for today’s show, November 23. “We regret what happened and we will be for all the people who could not attend the event”they stated.

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