Telialiga’s League of Legends playoffs are expanding

The Telialigaen could recently announce that The League of Legends playoffs will expand from four to six teams this fall. In collaboration with the teams in the first division, they have come up with a completely new format for the play-offs.

The importance of doing well in the regular league play becomes all the more important, as the format the Telialiga has landed on is based on a doubleheader with the upper and lower part of the tournament tree.

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To be decided at SpillExpo


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Lower Bracket, Round 1: October 28
Lower bracket, round 2: October 29
Upper bracket, final: October 29
Lower bracket, final: 30 October
SpillExpo, final: 13 November

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This is how the table looked after four series rounds. Who will take the top six positions in the end?

The Telialiga announces on its website that the teams that finish the series in first and second place are above the first two rounds of the playoffs.

The play-offs start on 28 October, at 19:00 and over three days it will be decided which teams will go to a spectacular final at SpillExpo, Sunday 13 November.

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As of now, it is Domino, Riddle, KAOS, Rich Gang, Bifrost and Vanir who are most likely to make it to the playoffs, but a lot can suddenly change in the coming rounds.

Who do you think will make it to the playoffs?

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