Tell Fitbit how you sleep and you’ll know what animal you are

Fitbit introduces a new sleep tracking and analysis feature that helps build your sleep profile. A feature available for users with the Premium subscription.

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Fitbit is still trying to make its Premium subscription at 8.99 euros per month attractive and is adding a new function to it. This is the personalized sleep profile, the result of monitoring and analyzing your sleep when you wear a branded connected bracelet.

Better sleep tracking on Fitbit wristbands

Until now, Fitibit bracelets could measure the duration of sleep, the time spent in the light, its depth or REM sleep. The analysis brings out a sleep score that reflects the quality of the latter.

Source: Fibit

The brand launches the personalized sleep profile. It can be trained after a month of sleep and at least 14 nights spent with the bracelet on the wrist. This monthly analysis takes into account five additional parameters compared to the basic monitoring with ” the time before a restful sleep », « the nights with long awakenings ” for example. Fitibt wants, with this, to draw a portrait of the sleep habits of the user to make it clear which aspects could be improved.

What animal are you?

To reinforce the fun aspect, each month, Fitbit intends to compare you with an animal (not that you are one) that corresponds to one of six sleep type profiles: the giraffe, the bear, the dolphin, the hedgehog, the parrot or the tortoise. The goal here is to make it clear what your sleep pattern is, with additional guidance. An animal that can change every month to improve its sleep.

As the data is collected, you will be able to follow the progress of his sleep, with what has been improved and what can still be improved.

Source: Fitbit

The sleep profile feature is rolling out in the Fibit app for Premium subscribers. The first profiles will be compiled the week of July 4, with monthly updates thereafter. All the brand’s bracelets will not be compatible, it will be necessary to have a Sense, a Versa 2, a Versa 3, a Charge 5, a Luxe or an Inspire 2 at launch. We do not yet know the next models that will be able to take advantage of it. . Remember that these connected bracelets are not medical devices and that their measurements should not be used for medical purposes. They should be considered as complete data to encourage you to improve your sleep habits.

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