Tell Me Lies: the stars react to the shocking finale of the series

The romantic-dramatic series Tell me Lies has been available on Disney+ since November 16. Adapted from the best-selling eponymous novel by Carola Lovering, it focuses on a love story that is as passionate as it is destructive: that of two students, Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White). Between the mysterious disappearance of her roommate, the discovery of a secret girlfriend, Lucy’s life will soon be turned upside down by those around her, and the one she loves. Each, moreover, has secrets for each other, which it would be better not to reveal. A thriller between passion and betrayal, the end of which reserved some surprises for subscribers to the streaming platform with big ears, as well as for the stars of the series.

How does the first season of Tell Me Lies?

Spoiler alert. Created by Meaghan Oppenheimer, wife of actor Tom Ellis (Lucifer ), the series ends with a disconcerting twist: Stephen leaves Lucy for his ex, Diana (Alicia Crowder). Hurt by the betrayal, Lucy drunkenly confides in her friend Bree’s boyfriend, Evan (Branden Cook). And they will go much further than banal confidences: the next morning, Lucy wakes up and understands that she had sex with Evan. After a major time jump, Lucy reunites with Stephen at Evan and Bree’s (Catherine Missal) engagement party. We learn that he is now engaged to Lydia (Natalee Linez), who is none other than… Lucy’s ex-best friend! Her interpreter, Grace Van Patten, revealed that the showrunner told her Lucy knew Stephen was dating Lydia but was obviously unaware of their engagement. A clue to this secret relationship would even hide in one of the episodes of season 1.

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What does the main actress of Tell me Lies?

There’s kind of a moment in the last episode where Lucy calls Lydia, who’s a little distracted“, she explains in she comes to visit Lucy and they meet? I’ve no idea (…)“, Van Patten theorizes. Until we find out how Lydia and Stephen actually met, Van Patten refuses to believe that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend on the show is over.”For the sake of the series, we need this to continue. She’s with Max, the nice guy, she lives in Los Angeles, she has a stable job (…) I hope Lucy stays strong for at least a little“, she declares. Regarding the affair between Lucy and Evan, the question remains whether it will be enough to jeopardize the marriage of Evan and Bree. It is not known if this deception has already been revealed to him, but Patten assures that Bree to suspicion, even if it was never really discussed.So many questions that would require a second season to answer, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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