Tenoch Huerta charged "very extremely expensive" for photos in La Mole 2023

Tenoch Huerta charged “very extremely expensive” for photos in La Mole 2023

Tenoch Huerta has stood out for being one of the most prominent actors in Mexicobut recently caused a lot of furor for charging very expensive for a photo with in La Mole 2023.

There is no doubt that there are many who would be willing to pay a large amount for a photo with Tenoch HuertaThat is why he was present on March 17 at La Mole 2023, where he charged his fans for each photo with him.

It turns out that many Internet users and others are very out of touch with the amounts that the famous Tenoch Huerta charges for a photo with him in La Mole.

How much did Tenoch Huerta charge for the photo in La Mole 2023?

Photo prices with Tenoch Huerta

The Tenoch Huerta has been harshly criticized for charging eighteen hundred per photo in its recent presentation on Friday, March 17, on the first day of La Mole 2023.

It should be noted that La Mole 2023 announced the prices weeks before and has greatly surprised Internet users who have reviewed the event page, where the famous also charged for selfies and autographs.

It is not for less that this detail was the excuse for the strong criticism that the famous actor has been receiving on social networks for listing too much to his fans.

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Who set the prices for the photos with Tenoch Huerta?

On the other hand, it has been revealed that the prices of the photos with Tenoch Huerta, had not been imposed by him, but by La Mole 2023 itself, since in the end he decides the prices of the activities with guests, as is the case of the Mexican actor .

As if that were not enough, it was highlighted that it is the personalities who give a price, but the convention adjusts it to take a commission, so for years payment is no longer accepted directly at the event, but signatures and photos are sold in advance through the portal of La Mole.

This same fury highlighted the actress Millie Bobby Brown, whose photo cost 3,000 pesos and apparently the actress was not aware of it, so she canceled her participation after complaints.

It should be noted that despite the criticism by many Internet users on social networks, the famous Tenoch Huerta sold many photos and autographs of his closest fans, as he attended 400 people during his participation in La Mole 2023.

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