Tension at the Lega assembly: Turin doesn’t show up, 7 clubs leave

The Lega Serie A assembly was held with only 12 clubs present out of 20: there was no Urbano Cairo, nor any Turin representative

League Assembly characterized by tension today in the offices in via Rossellini in Milan: the representatives of 7 clubs out of 20 (Naples, Rome, Juventus, Inter, Milan, Fiorentina and Monza) left the meeting after a few minutes while those of Turin they didn’t really introduce themselves: neither Urbano Cairo nor any of the other executives were present. The meeting, which had the election of a director on its agenda, was held in any case given that the legal minimum number of representatives of the Serie A companies was present (there were 12, 11 was enough).

Lega Serie A, the election of the Director has been postponed

The chaos would have been unleashed after a outburst from the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, who criticized the decision to leave the decision power to just 4 directors. ‚ÄúSeven teams have decided to use one of their rights, namely that of not participating in the assembly, creating a minimum of initial uncertainty. We checked that there was a quorum for the assembly with 12 teams present and 11 were enough so the assembly began. The reason they left is because they didn’t reach an agreement on the election of the councillor. I have a duty to respect the statute and unanimously asked for a postponement to the 12 clubs present, when asked they chose to postpone the election of the councilor to a next assembly to be convened before December 5 “ explained the president Lorenzo Casini.

Urban Cairo
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