Tension before questioning Kurz

The former Federal Chancellor was invited to all four evidence topics, from influencing award and funding procedures to influencing federal holdings, influencing investigations and favoritism in personnel selection. It remains to be seen how far the ex-ÖVP boss will go because of ongoing investigations. In the end, the chair decides whether a dismissal is possible.

The Economic and Corruption Public Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) is investigating against the former head of government, among other things, because of the allegation of false statements in the “Ibiza” U-Committee or also in the “Beinschab complex”. In this affair, there is a suspicion that ministries led by the ÖVP commissioned studies with public money that are said to have been beneficial for the party or for Kurz’s progress.

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Image and sound recordings are only permitted for the Parliamentary Directorate

Kurz had already answered questions in the “Ibiza” sub-committee. During the first questioning, the chancellor at the time was willing to provide information. He wanted to clear up all the allegations – these primarily concerned the coalition partner FPÖ, who had started the “Ibiza” affair. However, the U-Committee focused more on the ÖVP in the course of the surveys. Driven by various chats from ex-Treasury Secretary General Thomas Schmid, the decision for the ÖVP U-Committee was finally made.

Melchior is to provide information

After Kurz, the former ÖVP General Secretary Melchior will also make another appearance in the parliamentary body on Wednesday. Already in the “Ibiza” sub-committee, Melchior was asked about donations to the ÖVP or the “Ballhausplatz project”, i.e. the internal campaign strategy paper that aimed to get Kurz into the chancellor’s office in 2017.

Overview of the room at the ÖVP investigative committee

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The ÖVP-U-Committee will again interview people who have information on Wednesday and Thursday

Also this time the members of the opposition and the Greens will be interested in the internals of the ÖVP. However, it remains to be seen to what extent the presidency, who will consult with the procedural judge, will also allow this, since the U-committee can only examine administrative actions of the federal government.

Hörl is coming – ÖVP day follows

If there is still enough time, Franz Hörl, a Tyrolean member of the National Council, will be questioned in the subcommittee. Hörl was actually supposed to appear as a person providing information on “Tyrol Day” before the state elections in Tyrol. Namely, people who are in connection with the ÖVP Tirol and the young farmers’ association were interviewed. But apparently that didn’t work out in the end. In any case, there should be some procedural debates.

Another ÖVP day will follow on Thursday. Two officials from the Ministry of Arts and Sports, which was responsible for allocating NPO funding, were invited by the Turks. The ÖVP wants to investigate whether there was any political influence on decisions. It is also questionable why the decision, according to which the organizations of the Tyrolean “Young Farmers’ Association/Country Youth” are part of the ÖVP, was published shortly before the elections in Tyrol.

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