Tensions with France: the Algerian ambassador in Paris speaks

After his recall by Algiers, the Algerian ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, returns to the forefront of the diplomatic scene. To the latter, still marked by tensions between El Mouradia and the Elysée, will now be added the at least daring statements made today by the first representative of Algeria in France.

Mohamed Antar Daoud notably declared today, October 14, during his visit to the El Moudjahid Forum, that the Algerian diaspora in France must ” constitute a control lever ” capable of making a difference in the politics of Algeria, but also in that of France.

The diaspora, Algeria’s main asset in France

The Algerian ambassador to France, recalled on October 2 following statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, struck hard today at the headquarters of the newspaper El Moudjahid.

The diplomat said in particular that he is « inadmissible » than Algeria, with these 18 consulates which represent “The largest foreign community in France” can’t “Constitute a control lever to intervene not only in Algerian politics, but (also) at the level of French politics”, report theAPS.

This statement was made in the context of the commemoration of the massacres of October 17, 1961. Taking this opportunity, the Ambassador also indicated that “Double, triple or quadruple nationality must be an asset” for Algeria and Algerians. And to add that “The Algerian community in France is a community committed to its country”.

Mohammed Antar Daoud also denounced the bureaucratic excesses which constitute, according to him, a real ” obstacle course “ for “Those who want to invest in Algeria« . The Algerian diplomat did not fail to recall, finally, the great outpouring of solidarity from the Algerian diaspora in France during the fourth wave and the fires in Kabylia.

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