Téo Lavabo back on television tonight!

A “Special Annecy” is on the menu for this new week of unreleasedAn almost perfect dinner on W9. From 5:50 p.m., viewers will be able to find five competitors motivated by the idea of ​​winning the title of host of the week. Among these five budding cooks, Téo Lavabo will end this week of competition. The whimsical and crazy young man will present a card dedicated to sausage. For Tele-Leisurethe braggart returned to his experience in the culinary program and his personality apart.

I found the child who was in me

Tele-Leisure : Why did you want to participate?

Teo Lavabo : I thought it was going to be fun and a good experience on television. This program takes me out of my comfort zone., it is a universe that I do not know. I wanted to surpass myself in an area that is not mine.

What is your cooking level?

I only make myself very simple things to eat: salad-steak or salad-fish. When I don’t have time, I mostly eat ready meals. On the other hand, when I receive people, I take pleasure in making beautiful dishes and I try to do beautiful things for others.

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What are your strengths in this competition?

Creativity. I want to surprise with my visuals, my animation and my table decoration. I draw inspiration from my bullshit children. The entry that I propose is like what made me laugh when I was a child. In my presentation and my dishes, I found the child who was in me.

I decided to revive my universe

Is your goal to amuse others in the competition?

In everything I do, I like to provide new visual, sound or taste experiences. When I saw that my competitors were laughing, and that they were not uncomfortable, I said to myself that I had succeeded in making them feel emotions. I liked surprising them.

Where do your prank ideas come from?

We made jokes with my sister when my mother had guests over. We always put whoopee cushions, fake droppings or even fake lizards in the salad. I had a childhood rocked by laughter. On vacation, we did hidden cameras, we hung tickets on a wire, we filmed people falling.

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I don’t want to argue

Are you afraid of not being invited to television anymore because of your uninhibited character?

I think we’re losing a bit of freedom today. We can no longer make jokes as before or discuss certain subjects. Personally, my common thread is benevolence. I do not want to make polemics, that does not interest me. I want to make people laugh and show that ridicule doesn’t kill. You have to have fun.

We met you in France has an unbelievable talentwhat memories do you have of it?

It was quite amazing. It was my first TV set. I discovered the world of television and all that it entails. For the record, I was convinced that I sang well and that it was the microphone of my telephone which did not work. In reality, it’s just that I was singing like a pan (he’s laughing). At the time, I had received a lot of encouragement despite my performance. I really want to show that you have to be bold.

What did this exhibition bring you?

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Chipolatas (his flagship title presented in France has an incredible, Ed) changed my life. For two years, not a day goes by without someone talking to me about it, reading or hearing this word. It feels weird to tell me that. The sausage represents the barbecue, the festive evenings, the conviviality. I thought that people who wanted to go crazy with friends during these times would want to listen to my song. This title has created something, we even hear it during weddings (he’s laughing).

What are your future plans?

I released a new title called Vernini Vernana. It marks my great musical return after a one-year break. I am very happy to see that my public follows me in my delirium. There is a real message behind this sound. I want to get the message across that nail polish isn’t just for women. I enlisted my mother, my sister, my father in the clip… Besides that, I will participate in other TV shows and prepare other clips.

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