Tequila has six certification marks that support unique qualities

Tequila has six certification marks that support unique qualities

Guadalajara, Jal. under the International Tequila Day -which for the fifth consecutive year is celebrated on the third Saturday of March throughout the country-, the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) highlighted that the national drink par excellence is backed by six certification brands.

A certification mark is a hallmark that demonstrates that the products and services that possess it have qualities and characteristics that have already been endorsed by the owner of said mark, in this case, the CRT.

After the Reform to Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property and its entry into force in the year 2020, the figure of the “Certification Mark” arose and in the case of Tequila, the CRT is the one who certifies and exercises control over the use of the six marks and authorizes those who can use them.

The first of these is the “Tequila Regulatory Council Certification Mark” which was granted in 2020 and can be used -with prior authorization from the CRT- by the producer, bottler and/or marketer of tequila, as long as they comply with the Official Mexican Tequila Standard (NOM-006) current.

The second is the “Conformity Assessment Agency Tequila Regulatory Council Certification Mark”, which was also granted in 2020 and guarantees that the tequila complies with the specifications established in the current NOM-006.

A third certification mark is the “Distinctive T” that is used for training, promotion and dissemination of the tequila culture in hotels, restaurants, bars, event halls and shows, as well as for distributors, points of sale, producers of tequila and universities. According to the CRT, it is a recognition of the commitment of these establishments and institutions with the dissemination and professionalization of the tequila culture.

The fourth is the “Environmental Responsible Agave Certification Mark (ARA)” that was registered in co-ownership with the government of Jalisco in 2021 and became the first certification on deforestation in alcoholic beverages worldwide. It consists of a protocol that assures the consumer that the agave used in the production of tequila has not caused deforestation.

A fifth certification mark is the “Excellence Free of Additives Certified Product” which was granted in 2021 and is related to those products that contain flavorings I flavorings in its preparation, known as additives or abocantes.

That same objective has the sixth certification mark “Nature Free of Additives Certified Product” granted in February of this 2023.

“The Tequila Regulatory Council set itself the objective of obtaining Certification Marks to generate more value for the tequila agro-industry”, represents the work of 35,000 agave producers and 185 companies, and encompasses the culture and tradition of 181 municipalities in five states of the country. , included in the territory of the Denomination of Origin Tequila.

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