Terminator Renaissance (C+ Big screen): a famous French actress should have played Kate Connor

Released in theaters in 2009, the fourth part of the saga terminator features a new band of comedians struggling with Skynet’s cyborgs. Among which a famous French actress, who should have been part of the adventure.

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Hasta la vista, baby ! A killer robot, and a world on borrowed time. In a few words, such could be the summary, very shortened, of the saga terminator. A frightening world born of a terrible nightmare by James Cameron, the director of the first two parts. It all started in 1984 with the first episode, a cult film for all SF lovers. Released in 1991, Terminator 2 follows John, a teenager, in fight against a new Terminator, in liquid metal (the T-1000) and revolutionized the world of special effects. A franchise is launched.

Terminator Rebirthfourth part of the science fiction saga

Not always easy to find your way around in the different terminator released over the years and decades. Released in theaters in June 2009, Terminator Rebirth takes place in a world where the doomsday apocalypse has indeed taken place, and the fight takes place in the future, set at… 2018! After the apocalypse which saw the triumph of the machines of Skynet and its army, resistance fighters continue the fight, grouped around John Connor. At the same time, a certain Marcus Wright, once executed by justice, comes back to life. He meets a resistance fighter, Kyle Reese, accompanied by a mute girl. Together, all three will try to meet John Connor.

Which French actress should have played Kate Connor?

In their quest to meet the famous resistance leader, our heroes will be able to count on Kate Connor, John’s wife. A pivotal role, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, who is none other than the daughter of director Ron Howard. An actress now linked to the saga Jurassic World, which was however not the first choice of the production. It is indeed Charlotte Gainsbourg who was to embody this strong figure in the fight against machines. An actress also accustomed to big Hollywood productions, who fought the aliens ofIndependence Day Resurgence (2016). But who was ultimately unable to join the saga terminator, due to scheduling conflicts. Too bad, Charlotte against Skynet, we would have been curious to discover that!

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