Tesla Autopilot: Authorities look into beta nondisclosure agreement

The US Federal Highway Safety Agency (NTHSA) has asked Tesla if the nondisclosure agreement does not prevent authorities such as her from doing their job. The manufacturer has until November 1 to respond.

In a survey published at the end of September, Motherboard revealed the existence of a non-disclosure agreement related to Tesla’s Autopilot: by signing it, beta testers pledge not to badly publicize the technology of Tesla. autonomous driving (example: by broadcasting clips where the Autopilot is faulty). The agreement, controversial and ultimately very easy to hijack, is now in the sights of the US Federal Road Safety Agency (NTHSA) – reports Electrek in an article published on October 13.

The NTHSA is calling Tesla to account for this document, which may prevent authorities from doing their job. ” Since NHTSA relies on user feedback to assess security risks, any agreement discouraging participants in a testing phase from sharing information with NHTSA is unacceptable. », Indicates the agency in a letter sent to the American manufacturer.

Tesla Autopilot // Source: Capture of March 1, 2019

NTHSA calls for transparency from Tesla again

In short, the NTHSA demands transparency from Tesla, by brandishing, once again, the argument of security (for which the agency is in charge). ” Limitations on Information Sharing in Public Impact NHTSA’s Ability to Collect Safety-Related Data She argues.

In the Motherboard file, we can see that the nondisclosure agreement in question encourages beta testers to carefully select which videos they want to share. He also invites not to speak in the media and not to invite journalists to test the beta (which includes very advanced driving assistance). Nothing has been said, however, on information sharing with regulators. Tesla has until November 1 to prove that his nondisclosure agreement does not interfere with NHTSA business. Delay will result in a financial fine.

Among the requests of the NTHSA, we note that Tesla will have to provide a copy of the said agreement which may pose a problem – knowing that the agency mentions two versions (one for employees, another for non-employees). She also wants to know how the agreement is pronounced between the different parties (electronic signature, physical or other means?).

It is recalled that Elon Musk himself is against this non-disclosure agreement. ” There are a ton of videos. People don’t seem to listen to me and prefer to ignore it. I don’t know why there is a nondisclosure agreement » he commented on the occasion of the Code Conference.

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