Tesla: explosion in the price of Superchargers, cheaper diesel

Charging an electric car will experience a heavy impact with the rising energy prices. At Tesla, the price changes took place overnight. Customers received an email to notify them at noon on Monday, September 19, 2022.

Unfortunately, the increase is not only one or two cents but sometimes around 30%. And the all Supercharger stations in France is concerned, whereas the increase is on a European scale.

“Due to an increase in energy prices, we are adjusting the prices of Superchargers in Europe”, writes Tesla in the email sent to its customers. Customers are invited to click on an interactive map to select their usual charging stations and find price changes there.


Some stations, such as that of Poitiers, see their prices increase by 36%, reports Caradisiac. Everywhere in France, the price is now €0.67 per kWh and €0.79 for owners of non-Tesla vehicles without a subscription. Until now, the Poitiers station charged €0.52 per kWh. A radical change for all customers who charge around 60 kWh per passage.

At these new rates, the difference at each passage is of the order of one ten euros. Compared to the autonomy of electric cars, switching to the Supercharger becomes more expensive than switching to the pump (if the price of a liter of diesel is €1.7).

Our colleagues from Caradisiac highlighted this change because a recharge of 60 kWh, at €0.67, now cost €40.2. The comparison must take into account a thermal model with equivalent consumption but to cover 300 kilometers on diesel, it is possible to pay less than 40 euros.

Which is cheaper between Ionity and Tesla?

Ionity, the other supercharger network widely installed in France, has not yet updated its prices. Last May, the European consortium adjusted them to the advantage of certain customers with electric cars with low charging speeds. In fact, per-minute pricing gave way to per-kWh pricing. Even today, some subscriptions allow you to recharge for only €0.35 per kWh, which is unbeatable against Tesla.

Without an Ionity or Tesla subscription, it is also preferable to go to the Ionity network. The rates for non-subscribers are close to those for Tesla subscribers: €0.69. The network is quite complete with more than 100 stations available in France. Of course, that won’t be for very long. All service providers should align themselves in the face of rising supplier prices.

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