Tesla, hackers have a new trick to steal them

In recent years, we have seen a rapid spread of systems in the automotive market NFC used for opening the car; if on the one hand the NFC technology is very convenient and simple to use – and allows you to do follies like implanting a chip in your hand to open the car – on the other hand you must also consider some risks that you face, especially if you come targeted by criminals interested in our car. Tesla has been carrying on for years a cyber battle with hackers who try in every way to open them against the will of the rightful owner, and in recent days there has been talk of a new scam system that uses NFC technology to open Elon’s cars Musk.

In itself, the method is very simple, but to make it work it is necessary to be at least two, with a person who will have the dangerous task of approaching the owner to read the NFC card (or smartphone, which replaces the 100% the card) that can be used to open a Tesla: the reading can take place at a maximum of 5 cm apartand once the signal is transmitted to a device Proxmark allows you to duplicate the signal and assign it to a new NFC type device, which at that point will be in effect the “new” cloned key.

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In Europe, the problem of “high tech” thieves specialized in Tesla and electric cars is not to be underestimated, so much so that Tesla itself has announced new safety steps on their cars, introducing a new encrypted key fob and a function called “Pin to drive”Which will require you to enter a number code on the car display before you can drive.

This system is undoubtedly able to open a Tesla against the will of its owner and the video that we report below demonstrates an obvious flaw in the security system, fortunately, however, the method has very strong limits from the point of view of ‘ feasibility: basically just be careful not to leave your smartphone unattended to make it impossible to implement this trick.

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