Tesla in the crosshairs of the authorities because of the OTA updates

The federal authorities do not appreciate the freedom taken by the manufacturer in the procedures. Following the accidents involving the Autopilot, Tesla will have to justify himself.

When a vehicle has a defect, the manufacturer sets up, with the authorities, a recall campaign in order to make the necessary corrections. When the problem is mechanical, there is no alternative, you have to bring in the vehicles. But for a software issue, a manufacturer like Tesla fixes and deploys the update directly without going through this procedure.

Image 1: Tesla in the crosshairs of the authorities because of the OTA updates
Tesla Model 3 crashing into a police car – Credit: FHPOrlando / Twitter

The problem is that at present, federal regulations require the filing of a recall sheet when a major problem arises and the relatively recent possibility of making large-scale modifications via the OTA creates a blur. into which Tesla rushed.

Complicated investigation due to updates

At the origin of this discord, the ongoing investigation into the involvement of the Autopilot Tesla in accidents with emergency vehicles, or police. As a reminder, several vehicles parked with their rotating beacons were struck while the Autopilot lane keeping assistance was activated.

The NHTSA (American transport authority) therefore opened an investigation with the aim of gathering as much information as possible on the causes of the accidents. Except that in the meantime, Tesla has made an update to improve the detection of priority vehicles. At the same time, the vehicle now reduces its speed and announces to the driver to prepare to intervene according to the updated instructions for use of Model 3 and Y.

A reactive approach to the credit of the manufacturer, but which complicates the investigation work. What the authorities particularly criticize Tesla for is lack of transparency and communication. “All manufacturers who perform OTA updates in order to resolve a problem involving security questions must send in parallel, and on time, a notice of recall to NHTSA,” the agency reminds the director. Tesla quality.

Tesla must show white paws quickly

A freedom taken in the procedure which absolutely does not please the American agency which now demands accounts. NHTSA has given notice to Tesla to provide all the data used in order to achieve the update in question.

Tesla must therefore provide the list of incidents and anomalies detected, the results of internal investigations and any other element related to the accidents and what motivated the brand to develop and deploy its update. In addition, the agency directs the manufacturer to estimate the impact that the update would have had if it had been deployed on the vehicles that caused the crashes.

To this, the authorities also ask to provide the list of vehicles that have received the new FSD beta, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), the date of the update and whether the tester is an employee. Tesla or not.

A call to order and a great pressure on the manufacturer of electric cars which has until November 1 to submit to the injunction on pain of civil prosecution with a penalty that could go up to $ 114 million.

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