Tesla Tunnel: Las Vegas City Council unanimously in favor of the Vegas Loop

The Boring Company (TBC) has taken another step towards building a large-scale passenger transportation system under Las Vegas. After the county, in which the majority of the planned route lies, the city of Las Vegas itself has now also approved. There, the city center is to be connected to the tunnels and the city council has now unanimously approved it, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. According to this, around eight of the 55-kilometer tunnels are to run within the city limits of Las Vegas, and there should be at least five stops in Las Vegas. Most of the route will be along the Las Vegas Strip, which is not part of the city itself.

The planned route (above downtown Las Vegas)

After the approval of the city council, two of a total of eight steps on the way to the planned Vegas Loop have now been completed, the newspaper quoted Boring boss Steve Davis as saying. Now you can devote yourself to the necessary permits on site and other contracts. There is still a long way to go, but he assumes that the first machines will be able to start digging the next tunnel next year. The construction of the tunnel system is to be financed entirely privately; according to the company, no public funds will be used. The Boring Company wants money from the big hotels on the Strip to connect them to the system. Once the route is finished and in use, franchise fees are due to the municipalities.

The first section of the planned “Vegas Loop” was put into operation a year ago. There are three stops on the 1.3-kilometer route, and passengers are transported by Tesla vehicles. However, they do not drive autonomously, but depend on someone at the steering wheel, and they only drive at the local maximum speed of around 55 km/h. Also, reports and pictures of the plant are not yet good advertising for the plant; there was a lot of malice for an underground traffic jam, for example. Boring founder Elon Musk presented the system as the future of local public transport and raved about tunnels full of self-driving Teslas that travel at up to 250 km/h. That is currently not in sight. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 700,000 people have walked the loop so far.

Working on the drilling machine
(Image: The Boring Company)


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