Tesla wants to "Full-Self-Driving"-Users access to indoor cameras

© REUTERS / Alexandria Sage

Whoever has the beta version of the Full-Self-Driving-Software (FSD) from Tesla in the future, the company must allow access to its indoor and outdoor cameras. In the event of a safety risk or accident, Tesla can assign the respective image material to the driver, as reported by Electrek.

“By enabling FSD Beta, I agree that Tesla will be able to support Tesla in the event of a serious security risk or security event such as a collision VIN-related image data captured by the external cameras and the interior camera of the vehicle “, the users will bWarned when downloading the new version.

No more anonymity

VIN refers to the internationally valid vehicle identification number, which means that the image material can be clearly linked to the vehicle of the owner.

Tesla has been using users’ video recordings to improve its machine learning systems for years, but according to the company, this data has always been anonymized. The company announces that records that are not related to the situations mentioned will continue to be anonymized.

Upon request from Mashable Tesla has not yet contacted us for clarification.

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