Test overview for Evil West: What does the press say about the vampire shooter?

The third-person shooter is coming this Tuesday Evil West after a long wait for the market. We have already examined the Flying Wild Hog action game in our detailed test. But what actually says the international press? At this point we give you an overview a first mood presents.

The international tests for Evil West

So far, the review aggregator Metacritic has had a slight positive image away. After all, Evil West is coming (buy now €59.99 ) currently at an average rating of 73 points. There are some very kind reviews. Above all, they praise him high entertainment value both in the story and in the actual gameplay. Just the combat system, the numerous upgrades as well as the arsenal of weapons receive a lot of praise. Also the easily accessible game mechanics goes down well with these critics, as does the musical accompaniment in a slightly wacky Western style.

However, there are also some much more critical voices. While they also acknowledge the fun gameplay, they complain, among other things, that it is outdated and therefore desolate level design. The little variety in terms of opponents also annoyed the less positive critics. Furthermore, they come sometimes boring puzzle inserts not particularly well with them, so their conclusion is much less well-disposed. We have some of the ratings in one overview summarized for you.

Evil West comes from the Polish developer studio Flying Wild Hogwhich is in Action games genre has already made a name for itself. Among other things, the popular shooter deer Shadow Warrior comes from this team, it also has the first-person shooter Hard Reset and the Jump&Run whoops brought on the market.

Source: MetaCritic

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