“Teto” Medina declared in an investigation: “I am in prison and I have no idea why”

“Teto” Medina declared in an investigation: “I am in prison and I have no idea why”

The prosecutor Daniel Ichazo inquired today Marcelo “Teto” Medina, arrested yesterday in his apartment in Palermo by the Federal Police, accused of being the recruiter of the organization La Razón de Vivir. So far, no detainee had been investigated, including the leader of the organization, Néstor Zelaya, who traveled to various cities such as Villa María, Casilda and Concordia, to present the organization with Medina in activities in municipal facilities and evangelical temples.

“I’m in jail and I have no idea why”assured “Teto” Medina as he could confirm Infobae with judicial sources.

It is worth remembering that Marcelo José Medina, former VideoMatch, was arrested yesterday at his home in Palermoaccused of being the visible face of the organization The reason to live —an addiction rehabilitation center— to recruit their victims, with motivational talks on social networks and in various parts of the country, who were later reduced to servitude in subhuman conditions. Medina’s defense had downplayed his role in the plot as a supposed recruiter.

After the investigation, Medina’s lawyer assured that in the casea there is no solid evidence against his client and that this afternoon requested his release. “I left the request today. release and they have five days to solve it. The deadline would expire on Wednesday,” he said. Adrian Tench. “They read little evidence against him. In fact there isn’t none evidence against him”, emphasized the lawyer before the media.

The arrest of Teto Medina
The arrest of Teto Medina

“It is a very long accusation for ten or eleven facts. I am sure that they are going to release him because he has absolutely nothing to do with it, ”added the lawyer and commented that Medina “he is surprised to be detained”. “He is very well emotionally, hoping to be released,” she added.

The cause investigating the rehabilitation center “The reason to live” how a possible sect that enslaved people and tortured them with different physical punishments, has a significant amount of evidence. Among them, a series of victim testimonials and messages from WhatsApp sent between the members of the organization. Thanks to this evidence, about twenty people were arrested yesterday, including the comedian.

Inside the organization of “Teto” Medina: the video of the “sty” where addicts were punished

The victims who spoke in Justice narrated scenes of torture, psychological harassment and confinement. They stated that they were forced to sleep on the floor and that they were forbidden to eat. A man said that the medications he was taking were withdrawn due to his condition as a sick person. HIV. other detailed the moment his leg was amputated due to his diabetes and how he was treated later by the addicts themselves who were recovering on the spot.

“It had nothing to do with the role of this organization, he is oblivious”, Medina’s lawyer also told the media this afternoon. “About the conditions of the place, he did not know any”, Tenca added in that sense.

Nevertheless, a series of audios that are part of the file reveal “Teto” as a possible integral part of the scheme: It was a reference invoked by relatives of patients, or at least that is what the members of the organization itself said. Jorge Zelaya, leader of the group, even said that Medina “works for me.”

In the first of the audios to which he accessed Infobaethe leader of the Zelaya organization is heard talking on the phone with a mother who was interested in hospitalizing her son.

In the second of the audios recovered by the Justice of Quilmes, the previous conversation is completed and “Medina” is mentioned again. The leader of the organization assures him that Teto will send him a greeting: “Nobody is going to hang him. It’s a big family and well tell him yes… it’s more. Now you send me a WhatsApp and I am going to tell you that Teto Medina sends you a greeting and that he will be waiting for you at the institution. Send me a WhatsApp to this number, give me the name of your son and we will be sending him an audio so that he can listen to it to see if we can wait for him at the institution, yes?

Regarding Medina’s participation, It is essential for prosecutor Ichazo to prove that the comedian was involved in the daily operation of the organization And not just advertising. The file contains several conversations where it is established that the humorist supposedly I got patients to be hospitalized. In one of these audios, the mother of a young man and a representative of the institution, named Jorge, speak:

George: Hello?

-Mother: Yes, George?

-Mother: Enchanted, my name is Lorena. They gave me her number.

-Jorge: Teto Medina gave you my number, right?

-Mother: Exactly.

-George: Perfectly. I’m already aware of the situation. He called me Teto and told me.

Audios Cause Teto Medina “The Reason To Live”


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