TF1 and M6 no longer want Salto, but who will buy them out?

According to information from Letter A, confirmed by Variety, Salto is for sale. TF1 and M6 want to get rid of their shares, while France Television no longer makes it its priority.

It’s hardly a surprise to anyone interested in media news: the future of Salto, if there is one, will not involve the TF1/M6/France Télévisions alliance. In an article published on November 21, variety confirms the information of the Letter A that TF1 and M6 are throwing in the towel. The two media giants, who have set up their own streaming services (myTF1 Max and 6play Max), no longer believe in the streaming service launched in 2020. They want to sell their shares so that Salto can live without them, but finding a buyer is not possible. will not be easy.

Can Canal+ buy Salto?

Variety reports that Salto’s board of directors met on Nov. 17. TF1 and M6 notably cited anti-competitive issues to justify their desire to no longer be in control of Salto. However, both would be fine with continuing to premiere their channels and programs on the service, assuming it survives. It remains to be seen under what conditions, since TF1 and M6 charge companies like myCANAL or Molotov to access their programs.

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Salto Preview

France Télévisions has not yet indicated what it intends to do. Can he remain alone at the controls of Salto? What is certain is that he will not buy out the shares of the other two. Initially, France TV hoped to withdraw from Salto after the merger of TF1 and M6… But this will not take place.

Preview of the Salto interface // Source: Salto
All channels available in Salto. // Source: Salto

For Salto to live, a buyer of the shares of TF1 and M6 will therefore be needed. A name is mentioned by the various media following the case: Canal+. But why would Canal+ want a service that offers neither more nor less than the same as myCANAL, only less? Salto has some original productions (which Canal+ could buy if Salto closes) and access to replay channels in preview. In addition, Canal+ is currently finalizing the acquisition of OCS.

If Salto does not find a buyer and TF1 and M6 want to leave, then the service will probably close.

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