#TGIQF – the news quiz for calendar week 47

Another exciting week goes by. There was great news to report regarding the finally completed coalition agreement of the Ampel government made up of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. The Americans are advancing to shoot down asteroids in space with dart-like rockets in order to influence their trajectories. Other topics related to vaccination – you are lucky if you can already receive an anti-Covid boost. Another focus was mass consumption during Black Friday week.

Did you keep track of everything that happened – especially with the messages that may have been lost?

In order to enable you a comfortable transition into the well-deserved weekend, we ask for the weekly news quiz. Enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of the last autumn rays of sunshine with a delicious coffee, cappuccino or tea, if our central star breaks through the cloud cover. Prove your keen eye for detail on last week’s news! We hope you enjoy it.

At this point the usual request is made not to trumpet the correct answers so as not to spoil the fun for other players. This time, too, the clock keeps ticking – those who are really on their toes can look forward to more points. Please let us know your score in the forum!

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