Thamara Gómez: “I don’t have or need to have a sugar daddy”

The singer Thamara Gómez clarified that the luxurious apartment where she is currently living is rented and categorically denied that she has a ‘sugar daddy’, as she stressed that she has never liked the easy life and that she has worked from a young age.

“Recently they made me a note for the program ‘En boca de todos’, to whom I opened the door of my new home, but I want to clarify that it is an apartment that I am renting momentarily, however, I am saving from sunrise to sunset to buy my own apartment and I know I will achieve it based on my work. What does bother me is that they say or speculate things that are not true. Just because he lives in Miraflores does not mean that he has a ‘sugar daddy’. I have never liked the easy life, everything I have achieved or have managed to give to my family has been based on my sacrifice and work. I have never asked anyone for anything, much less have I had to reach out to get something. If there are girls who like an easy life, it is their life, I respect it and I am nobody to judge people, but I am not like that. I have a clear conscience and I can say that I do not need a ‘sugar daddy’ or sponsor to sponsor me or pay for my things. I have been working since I was 12 years old and I financially support my family “Gomez declared.

On the other hand, he clarified that he does not want to refer to Pamela Franco and about his sounded entrance to ‘Puro Sentiment’, because he prefers to invest his time in making music or making people talk about his talent.

“What I said at the time (about his departure from ‘Pure Feeling’) was my truth. I have never been involved in bickering, much less in confrontations with people, so I want to stay in that position. I was asked about Pamela and I only answered with my truth, however, it is something in which I do not prefer to delve further out of respect for my fellow artists and because I want to be 100% focused on my solo career. I want people to talk about my music, my talent and the great things that we are preparing with the production company ‘Orellana Producciones’, with whom I continue to work hard to give the best to my audience “, commented Gómez, who clarified that he would not have problem sharing the stage with Pamela Franco.

“We both know that the world of television and art is small, so maybe we will coincide at some point and I would have no problem sharing the stage or even having a head-to-head on stage with her. We are both talented, professional, and we have a lot to give to our audience. Nor would I have a problem in greeting her because I have no problem with her or with anyone. First of all, education ahead. I wish Pamela all the best, the cumbia business is big, so there is an audience for everyone, “he said.

In turn, she said that she is happy and surprised by the good acceptance that her song ‘Borracha de amor’ continues to have, which is available on all digital platforms.

“I am too happy for the affection and support of the public. Starting the challenge as a soloist has not been easy, they have been years of hard work and sacrifices, especially that I have not needed godfathers or godmothers in my musical career to get to where I am. From a very young age, I have characterized myself as a woman of challenges and for fulfilling what I set out to do. I can only say to my audience that this is the beginning of many beautiful things and surprises that are to come in my career. I want to make a lot of music and make my name sound because of what I do on stage ”, he concluded.

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