That ball on the neck, the roast in Berisso and the cut of Ramírez

A relaxed moment in Abasto. Diego, the Galician Méndez and the masseur Daniel Ciancio / Gimnasia press

Undoubtedly, the passage of Diego Maradona through Gymnastics changed the lives of many, in one way or another. Those who had the possibility of having it in the daily, close and most intimate relationship of being able to share a changing room, a practice, dinners and gatherings, will never forget those moments.

Anecdotes? Millions were left scattered on each one. From players, club employees, doctors, props, leaders, and everyone who was close to the group.

Like a shooting star, Diego’s light illuminated them forever, and it is no coincidence that many of the footballers in their contact photos on WhatsApp have an image with Diego on. Everything they went through and lived was very strong. On the other hand, Diego opened up to the group and allowed himself to be loved.

Video calls to find out how they were doing, for Diego to ask Tanque Contín for the shirt, for example, or for the youthful Pato Monti who was part of the squad to ask him to write a song for him. The flyer wrote a rap that Diego managed to see called “Palabras del 10”.

From an unexpected call to Mariano Messera who worked in the Reserve the same night he signed to ask that he needed him by his side; even Eva Pardo, the club’s photographer, who took a daily portrait of him tirelessly during his stay at the Lobo in games and practices.

Absolutely everyone was left with something of Maradona, beyond something material because Diego used to give gifts, they treasure moments forever, that today a year after his death, they are more alive than ever … and they will be forever.


He had a very special relationship with La Perla, as it rescued him from training in Reserve and not playing. Eric always has Diego in mind and when he thinks of an anecdote, he tells: “I remember that we were already on vacation, I was going to Entre Ríos. Suddenly Diego makes me a video call asking me how I was doing and a lot of things outside of football. And that’s why he shows me that he had cut his hair like me. That he had made the line on the side like me … I was speechless. That day was terrible. He was very happy, he seemed very happy, and I was re against happy that Diego Maradona had my haircut done ”.


Pablo Del Compare is one of the doctors from the Albiazul campus. When it comes to thinking about Diego and remembering him, he says: “A moment that stuck with me was during a preseason where we were at the AFA campus in Ezeiza. At the end of the evening practices, at sunset, a group of us sat on the grass talking, listening to thousands of anecdotes. It was a very nice moment, of peace, of joy, which you could see was enjoying sitting there inside the field. Those days were very beautiful for the whole group, the fact of being able to live with Diego on that property ”.

Later the Doctor adds, “it was also incredible the arrival of our bus to the stadiums anywhere. In Capital or in Rosario, Mar del Plata, Córdoba, Mendoza, people waited for him and applauded. Accustomed to arriving at a court and being bitten, arriving and being applauded was incredible ”.


Another of the kids that Diego knew how to put in First and with whom he became fond of was Matías Miranda. The youth keeps indelible anecdotes. “In training we were kicking at goal. Diego was on his back talking to a colleague. I kick from outside the area and miss the goal and hit him on the back of the neck … There was silence. When he turned around he began to ask who it was, he did it while screwing around but pretending to be angry. Everyone started pointing at me, I put on all red. I only knew him because two weeks ago he had gone up to First. I wanted to die, I didn’t know what to do, everyone was laughing, even Diego ”.

Mati will not forget his 2020 birthday either. “We were in a pandemic and one day he called me. We began to chat, he asked me how I was, how my family was and we talked for a while. We said goodbye, and 5 minutes later he called me again. And he says, ‘Are you a fool that you don’t tell me it’s your birthday just today?’ We laughed, he greeted me and we stayed talking for a while longer. But it was incredible that he called me twice in one day, I couldn’t believe it. “


Diego’s presentation in the Forest when he took office was unforgettable. And much more for Captain Lucas Licht “I will forever save the day of his presentation in the Forest with all the people. It was an incredible moment, Diego was very excited. I will never forget the hug I gave him, his words, it was really a strong moment for everyone. For him because he returned to work and received so much love. And for the squad it was a dream to have Diego Maradona there with us. But that hug I will never forget ”.

Bochi also recalled, “we shared many moments of talks with Diego in Estancia, in practices, in games, when the pandemic arrived with video calls. But he always surprised you, and one day we had a barbecue at my house and he came to eat at Berisso. These are things that we will never forget, gestures that he had with us of incredible humility ”.

Thus, Diego went through the lives of all, and nothing would be the same.

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