That the diabolical clown terrifies the streets of Nuevo León

That, the terrifying character of the writer Stephen King, also called Pennywise, appeared in the sewers of Nuevo León to spread fear for the next Halloween celebration.

From what can be seen in the images shared on social networks, the dreaded clown inside the drain accompanied by his iconic balloon red with which it is said, seduces children.

It was in the municipality of Guadalupe, where a man placed the dark image of the deadly clown Pennywise with his creepy face as he peeks through the crack of the sewer located on the streets of Hidalgo and Zaragoza in front of a fur shop.

People are terrified of It, the devilish clown

It is not for less that many people have been surprised to first see the red balloon that comes out of the sewer space and then give a reward to the most curious for taking a look inside the place where Pennywise awaits them with his characteristic smile.

Pennywise on a street in Nuevo León.

That is why on social networks some people have left their testimony about the surprise they were taken when they looked at That, the diabolical clown that in the end caused them laughter when they saw that it was just a montage with a mask of the character.

Who is Pennywise?

It should be noted that Pennywise or That, the diabolical clown is one of the many characters of the renowned horror story writer, Stephen King, who is a monster who disguises himself as such to attract children so he can eat them.

It should be noted that in the original story, Pennywise eats Georgie, the brother of one Bill, one of the main characters in the book that was taken to the cinema in 1990, becoming one of the most remembered horror films to the degree of having had a remake a few years ago in 2017.

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